Have you ever wanted to chase a dream?
What if that dream intersected with another world parallel to your own?

This is the story of two sides— where the elements of fire, water, earth, and air meets college art students traveling across the world; where slice of life and romance meets epic drama and past-life mysteries, and where the connections and parallels between people, however far apart, will determine whether worlds filled with violence, misjudgment, and hatred can truly be free…
and everyone can be free to do what they truly love…

Or whether a cycle of control and destruction will continue.


How to Read Torus Link

Click here to begin with side A.
Click here to begin with side B.
Both sides are updated concurrently–  each side has a story to tell that contributes to the whole.
You can click the link in the comment section of each page in order to immediately access the opposite side’s corresponding page, once you’ve read the first….

…And/or, you can use the arrows beneath each page to read strictly through one side, and then go back to the start to read the other.

It’s up to you! Each way of reading has its own unique experience.



While the main characters of Torus Link came to me when I was 12 years old, I struggled to bring their stories together for many years. Eventually I shelved these guys, believing that there was no way to resolve their conflicts, and thus no story worth telling. It took me following my own heart— with a HUGE leap of my own to art school in another country— to live the experiences that would help me coalesce these guys’ paths… and indeed put their story out there. My hope with Torus Link, semi-autobiographical as it is, is to inspire its readers, and through the power of a narrative, break down the barriers that keep us from being true to our hearts.

In conjunction with the story itself, Torus Link has grown to become an equally interactive experience, using art to show the parallels that exist between us in real life— i.e. how we are far more alike than we are different— in order to connect us all and relate peacefully. If you wish to be a part of this Linking-Up experience, click here, and if you wish to support me making Torus Link, click here!