3_31_16 TL Year 1 Anniversary





Torus Link is a two-sided story about relationships that shows how our dreams, being our true selves, and our ties to one another are all connected.

As the adventure begins with Hazel—a shy, sheltered art student with a crazy desire to find a mystery man she loves (and has never met), and Azalea— a gifted, lonely telepath who longs for family and misses one of her dear friends— the two depart on quests that bring them to meet the rest of the cast, each with strong desires and obstacles of their own.

The more their paths intertwine, the more hidden truths are unveiled: ties between elemental powers, monsters, mysterious portals… and ultimately the biggest mystery of all: the secret that keeps their parallel worlds apart.

In this world, two sides are linked as one.

Click here to begin with side A.

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Both sides are updated concurrently– and each side has a story to tell that creates a whole when read together.


While the main characters of Torus Link came to me when I was 12 years old, I struggled to bring their stories together for many years. Eventually I shelved these guys, believing that there was no way to resolve their conflicts, and thus no story worth telling. It took me following my own heart— with a HUGE leap of my own to art school in another country— to live the experiences that would help me coalesce these guys’ paths… and indeed put their story out there.
My hope with Torus Link, semi-autobiographical as it is, is to inspire its readers, and through the power of a narrative, break down the barriers that keep us from being true to our hearts.