Hey all! This week, you get a special peek into a drawing of Hazel feeding some Edinburgh pigeons, as well as a concept study of what she wears and brings TO feed said pigeons. (Keys to her flat are a must; scarf isn’t.) If you want access to the full print, as well as a very INTERESTING sneak peek into a key moment happening behind Hazel that is to come…join my Patreon here for $10. You get access to all Torus Link drawings and more concept sketches, and you help increase my living that I can sustain myself doing this. 🙂 Win-win, all!

As it is, I’m taking a break this week in order to get used to working on my new computer (switching from mac to PC after 8 years) and with my tablet finally instead of a mouse which I have been using for SO LONG, courtesy of so many of my dear peeps helping me out with the struggles I had last week— I asked for help and wasn’t shy in doing so— and got the help I needed to continue.

I feel that I also got some important lessons out of this entire ordeal overall, about speaking out and sharing what one’s story is without shame or fear; as such, I’ve made some videos sharing these lessons from the past couple of weeks that you can see on my Youtube channel.

***P.S. DO check out Side B for more bonus artwork. 😉