Hey all! This week on Side B (DO check out Side A as well to see more bonus artwork and concept sketches!!!) you get to see Azalea wearing a denim onesie as she would personally rock it (loving loose clothing and to be as free as possible), via friend of Torus Link and brilliant fellow comic creator Fancy Fatale’s #fancyfashion challenge on Instagram.

What’s that? You didn’t know Torus Link has an Instagram channel? WELL GO FOLLOW IT, so you can see more Torus Link bonus content and collabs!! 😀

As it is, I’m taking a break this week in order to get used to working on my new computer (switching from mac to PC after 8 years) and with my tablet finally instead of a mouse which I have been using for SO LONG, courtesy of so many of my dear peeps helping me out with the struggles I had last week— I asked for help and wasn’t shy in doing so— and got the help I needed to continue.

I feel that I also got some important lessons out of this entire ordeal overall, about speaking out and sharing what one’s story is without shame or fear; as such, I’ve made some videos sharing these lessons from the past couple of weeks that you can see on my Youtube channel.

Also, check out Fancy’s challenge itself, if any of you want to join in. 🙂