Hey all— super note of importance and reflection for this page in particular.

In 2013, my friends and classmates at the Edinburgh College of Art were primarily international students just like me. In particular, many in my class came from China: Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu to name just a few cities. One thing each of my Chinese friends noted as a huge contrast for them in the UK, was getting to see the sky as blue and as clear as it was, with such beautiful clouds as well. The air quality in the cities where they came from was far more polluted, and indeed one of my friends had to wear face masks regularly just to tolerate breathing the pollution outside and not exacerbate her allergies.

Again… this was all the way back in 2013, when we had all first arrived to study that year as postgraduates. I never forgot that this is what my friends had said at the time.

Now, nearly 8 years since, this just hasn’t changed: 

While I think there are many sad reflections I could make about this…

The reflection I choose is from my perspective as a web comic creator, where so long as I continue to post my story in this long-term format, I know that it will continue to span years in the making. Hence, things that I script now will not be said publicly until YEARS later.

What’s saddest to me, then, is when I script problems years ahead of time, and know that I can trust my words will still be relevant once they’re published; that indeed, nothing will have changed enough.