Hey all— here are some interesting page-formation notes.

In planning the rough draft of this page, I originally didn’t plan to have Prachi blowing her hair out of her face as she writes this log.  I originally planned for her to look at the sky as her focus while technically writing about it as she wakes up.

1st draft drawing!

But then I remembered that Prachi, for the real person she is both as a character in this story, and as *a real person OUTSIDE this story*… wouldn’t do this in character, even in this setup. As I was drawing the third panel, it had come to me that what Prachi would honestly do is blow her hair out of her face as it’s in her way… because she’s not the kind to let her hair STAY in her face.

Which, “having one’s hair in one’s face” is not something that I have, personally— my hair is not of the ‘blow out of your face’s way’ consistency, and I’m never going to straighten it. [See pics below for comparison.]

Prachi hair sketch

Me with a scarf: my hair’s pretty stationary

Yet, it makes me think: even just with different hair types as the catalyst, what is it to consider an experience uniquely outside of your own? To show it knowing precisely that you’re expressing something you yourself have no context of experiencing, yet if someone did have hair in their face… you’d know it’s not a “straight-hair person trait…” but just, a personality trait… that if that someone happens to have the kind of hair that is easily blown if it gets in their way, they’d blow it?

Just a side thought, all.