September 5th, 2020

Hey all, those of you who’ve been following me during this hiatus know that most recently, I did a Kickstarter campaign to fund TL Volume 1 in print. And, long story short, it failed— and I’ve been funded to print TL anyway. First, read the link below to learn more about how this went down. (Then scroll down.)

For right now, because this IS such a milestone for TL after the past 5 years of working daily on everything, I am using this opportunity to do two things before I continue TL the main story.

The first is to promote the book itself— pure and simple. It is glorious and beautiful in its printed form, and deserves to be shared just for that much. (Samples below)


Two sides in one. 276 pages. Glorious gloss, soft laminate color. The collection of the past 5 years, ready to be shared with all peeps out there who may not yet know of TL’s existence.

The second thing I want to do is to use this milestone to open a distinct *gate* of my own; a break onto another side, if you will. (If you’ve read this far, you’ll know what I’m alluding to!) I want to show readers, both new and loyal alike, what this crossing over has to do with healing much of the rifts going on here and right now, at the time that I write this, across the WORLD.

This is something that equally, I feel I’ve been pushing to share for the past 5 years, which I’ll be releasing into a video sometime this month… and asking you all to engage in, if you will.

After this video, and after I’ve promoted and shared my book with people, expect TL to come back online. It’s DEFINITELY continuing.

Remember to follow my blog and youtube channel for updates and announcements!!! (Link above!)

Thanks all. 🙂