Hey all!

If you are coming here from Kickstarter and want to support Torus Link on a continual basis, you can do so by joining my monthly Patreon account here. ALL of my heartfelt thanks to you, as your support literally keeps Torus Link going, and in addition you will get cool TL drawings, sketches, and other bonus material in return.

As for my Kickstarter itself:


Throughout the month of September 2018, I will be raising funds to make a video project that shares parallels between creative artists of ALL kinds, TRUE Torus-Link style—- using Kickstarter as a widespread platform to both show how parallels exist between us in real life, AS WELL as to give public exposure to each artist that participates.

The minimum funding goal is $10— because I will make this video NO MATTER WHAT (*cough cough* HELPFUL VIDEOS ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL *cough*)—- however, because of my meager, dilapidated resources and dwindling means, I will not be able to continue producing Torus Link and videos beyond this month without extra support.

Making my comic requires massive amounts of time because it is a full time job, where unfortunately I cannot both devote myself to it AND sustain my own living without it paying as a full time job as well. My means have gotten to the point where, unless I can achieve full funding for this story, I have to put it aside because I simply will not have the time to both do everything I do for Torus Link and work a separate full-time job. I adore my story, and I am DETERMINED to spread the ultimate message that the entire story will tell, as well as help others share their own stories.

The thing I lack is exposure, which is why I am determined to make this Kickstarter— to connect and spread Torus Link AND other fellow creative artists’ works in order to equally gain exposure for us all.

To learn more about Torus Link: Linking Up, share it, and be a part of it, click here!

Many many thanks,