Hidden Scenes

Snapshots into the lives of the TL cast behind the scenes of the main story. (Originally posted on Patreon from 2019-2020; ongoing—Note: Spoilers present!)

Earth and Air: A conversation and what the two discover…
Azalea’s Question: As a convent student, Azalea has an important question.
Ren’s Thoughts: Walking through Edinburgh when he first arrives, what’s on Ren’s mind?

TL Promos and Prototypes

Character Jam: The Torus Link 4-part online prototype on Webtoons!
Original run date– 2015

TL Funnies: Early promo comics featuring a few of the TL crew!
Original posting– 2015

Prints and Sketches

Some of my selected works and sketches along the TL journey! (2015-current~ ongoing!)

Special Works: Odds, Ends, and other Doodles

Hazel and Azalea’s Trivial Pursuits (2016)
Sailor Z[irconia]— 2018
Hazel as Sakura from Naruto (2019–Special thanks to @karumuragames for the #occosplay nomination!)
Yours truly and the TL cast (2018— Special thanks to @fancyfatale for the #meandmyocs challenge!)

Special Works: Animations

Miguel’s on FIRE (2015) — Promo animation of Miguel’s skillz!

Sanji’s Song (2020) — As seen in Chapter 4A Page 22