Hidden Scenes

Snapshots into the lives of the TL cast behind the scenes of the main story. (Originally posted on Patreon from 2019-2020; ongoing—Note: Spoilers present!)

Earth and Air: A conversation and what the two discover…
Azalea’s Question: As a convent student, Azalea has an important question.
Ren’s Thoughts: Walking through Edinburgh when he first arrives, what’s on Ren’s mind?
Hazel and Azalea’s Arrival: The feelings, thoughts, and first impressions of Hazel and Azalea as they come to their new spaces—the city of Edinburgh, and the title of Weaver.

TL Promos and Prototypes

Character Jam: The Torus Link 4-part online prototype on Webtoons!
Original run date– 2015

TL Funnies: Early promo comics featuring a few of the TL crew!
Original posting– 2015

Prints and Sketches

Era I: 2015-2020

Era II: 2021- current!

Special Works: Odds, Ends, and other Doodles

Hazel and Azalea’s Trivial Pursuits (2016)
Sailor Z[irconia]— 2018
Hazel as Sakura from Naruto (2019–Special thanks to @karumuragames for the #occosplay nomination!)
Yours truly and the TL cast (2018— Special thanks to @fancyfatale for the #meandmyocs challenge!)

Miguel’s on FIRE (2015) — Promo animation of Miguel’s skillz!

Sanji’s Song (2020) — As seen in Chapter 4A Page 22

Hana no Musume (2021) — click here to download the piece for yourself if you want to print and color it, and go here if you want to read more detail!