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The following illustrations, sketches, and comics are all works in response to the #judgementchallenge series you can see on the Torus Link Youtube Channel — asking a series of questions to challenge how we may harmfully judge one another, based on false perceptions and myths.

See the videos here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

June 3rd 2019 Torus Link Survey

This is a survey I sent to people at large, asking the following 8 questions (via https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/F3HG7G5):

1.What do you think causes pain between men and women/non-binary people? (If at all?)
2. Agree or disagree— People are both masculine and feminine to varying degrees. (Please explain your answer!)
3. Agree or disagree— feelings are a predominantly feminine aspect of human nature. (Please explain your answer!)
4. Agree or disagree— traditionally, it has been considered weak to show feelings of sadness or despair, BECAUSE it is considered more feminine. (Please explain your answer!)
5. Agree or disagree— the most ADMIRABLE way to get what you want is doing so independently of anyone’s help. (Please explain your answer!)
6. Agree or disagree— if you’re not doing what you want in life, it’s your own fault. (Please explain your answer!)
7. Agree or disagree— people are naturally inclined to give you understanding for your differences, your painful situations, and your mistakes. (Please explain your answer!)
8. What would you say gives us the most power to do what we want? And why, if at all, is this difficult to obtain?

Over 4 days, 11 anonymous participants responded. Click here to read their answers!