If you are a comic artist, illustrator, visual storyteller, and/or other creative type with work that is suitable for ages 12 and up, and you want to collaborate or get involved in a linking-up project, contact me @toruslink on Instagram.

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Artists Linking Up

A collaboration made in 2018 between 9 artists and myself, as I show how parallels can exist between people who have never met, and yet can share the same goals in making and spreading their art with others.


The following series is a 5-part challenge I had issued on the Torus Link Youtube Channel in 2019, asking participating artists the question, “Have you ever been judged?” As I share their answers and their illustrations and stories, I make comparisons of the parallels between each group of participants. For, there seems to be a common thread in just what we feel when we ARE harmfully judged by others. (As well as a common thread in who is most likely to share these feelings.)

The following are the illustrations and links of the participating artists (where available) in the #judgementchallenge series.

June 3rd 2019 Torus Link Survey

This is a survey I sent to people at large, asking the following 8 questions (via https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/F3HG7G5):

1.What do you think causes pain between men and women/non-binary people? (If at all?)
2. Agree or disagree— People are both masculine and feminine to varying degrees. (Please explain your answer!)
3. Agree or disagree— feelings are a predominantly feminine aspect of human nature. (Please explain your answer!)
4. Agree or disagree— traditionally, it has been considered weak to show feelings of sadness or despair, BECAUSE it is considered more feminine. (Please explain your answer!)
5. Agree or disagree— the most ADMIRABLE way to get what you want is doing so independently of anyone’s help. (Please explain your answer!)
6. Agree or disagree— if you’re not doing what you want in life, it’s your own fault. (Please explain your answer!)
7. Agree or disagree— people are naturally inclined to give you understanding for your differences, your painful situations, and your mistakes. (Please explain your answer!)
8. What would you say gives us the most power to do what we want? And why, if at all, is this difficult to obtain?

Over 4 days, 11 anonymous participants responded. Click here to read their answers!

The Power to Do What You Want (June 2019)

With the help of six dear friends of mine in different realms of creative art, (from graphic design to children’s illustration to music to app development), everyone shares their own creative approaches… and it’s in the parallels that open a door to give us the ability to do what we want.

See each artist’s personal story below:

Rejection in Art and Love (July 2019)

A very special thanks to my friend for helping me film portions of this— and featuring music from a free, public performance by The Dublin Harpers.