Earth and Air: A conversation and what the two discover…

Azalea’s Question: As a convent student, Azalea has an important question.

Royal Inquisition: Immediately after leaving her palace, Amber has some important questions of her own for Zirconia.

Ren’s Thoughts: Walking through Edinburgh when he first arrives, what’s on Ren’s mind?

Hazel and Azalea’s Arrival: The feelings, thoughts, and first impressions of Hazel and Azalea as they come to their new spaces—the city of Edinburgh, and the title of Weaver.

Zirconia’s Arrival: Zirconia and Amber have just landed in their new location—and Kaito’s just been taken back. What happens now?? From Zirconia’s point of view…

Team 1’s Pecha Kucha Prep: In the short stretch they have to put their presentation together for their class, Ren, Hazel, and Miguel each have some thoughts regarding the final photos chosen.

TL GTKY Special: Oct 1st-13th, 2013: How, (in particular,) is Team 1’s Composite Creativity project going so far?