*Mild spoilers below. Go here (A) or here (B) in case you want to just jump in.*

Side A

Hazel Lavasani

Major: MA Illustration
Shy, awkward Hazel has traveled thousands of miles, never having left home before, to study art in Scotland… And to find a mysterious green-haired man who shows up in her dreams. With a knack for seeing the uncanny, she has a comic about the elements that may be truer to life than she knows.

Ren Bernard

Major: MFA Photography
Smiling, worldly, and goofy, Ren has come to the Institute looking to capture stories with his camera, whilst searching for the truth about the holes in his own.
From the moment the two collide in person, he seems to have his eye on Hazel…

Miguel Rodriguez

Major: MA Design
Confident as a lion, Miguel wants to make social change with his own brand and get the world to HEAR his message for empowering animals. While he has come to the Institute to perfect his craft, he has some problems with getting people to listen… and with keeping his work from lighting on fire.

San-Shi “Sanji” Ikehara

Major: MA Design
Sanji has come to the Institute to study design. Whether or not she wants to is an entirely different story, as she carries more than a few secrets about what her real intentions are in the city of Edinburgh.

Side B


Aura: Purple
Occupation: Weaver
A gifted yet lonely telepath, Azalea has lived without her loved ones for a very long time. Just as she loses hope that she might ever see them again, she falls into a mysterious world, coming back to learn she must save all of Society itself.


Aura: Cyan, Red heart-stone
Occupation: Princess of Fire
Princess Amber wants a love of her own. With a little outside help and a whole lot of magical firepower, Amber escapes from her caretakers in order to find the love she seeks— and all she has to do in return is pay a small fee.


Aura: ???
Occupation: Traveler, Roboticist
Equipped with a sack full of tools, an inventive mind, and a knack for staying hidden as she travels through Society, all Zirconia needs is to find someone who can help her robots fly, for a mysterious purpose. Lucky for her, she knows just the right person for the job…


Aura: Dark green
Occupation: Soldier
Ever since leaving the Convent for Telepaths, it seems to Azalea as though her best friend Kaito has disappeared off the face of Society itself. For years now, she has wondered: where has he gone?