Hey all,

If you’ve been following me on the various social media spaces, I’ve most recently said that Torus Link comic pages would be back on Monday, i.e. today.

I’ve also said that I’ve been juggling quite a lot and… it turns out that I have been juggling more than I had originally assessed. I desperately need a true pause in my usual workload, for just how much I need to take care of right now.

As a result, I’m going to be taking a sabbatical of sorts. All page updates, further videos, and newsletters are going to be put on pause until October 30th, though I will still be posting a bit of “filler” for you on the TL main site in the interim, starting September 4th, and continuing on Saturdays until then.

For more info, please see my (very exhausted, one-take, unedited) video above that I have released today. 

‘Til then,
So much love, (and seriously, rest if you need it)


(Also, you can check my most recent blog post to read a bit more on this too, if you want.)