Hello all,

For those of you who’ve offered me support since my friend Justine’s passing, thank you. It means the world to me: your comments, your likes, everything you have given in the name of just honoring her, and consoling me. I say it again: thank you. <3

Right now, since Justine’s passing and coming back from my hiatus alike… the first thing for me has indeed just been getting back to posting pages, no more and no less.

Next week, as there is more I want to share, I will be writing a newsletter/blog post on some of the reflections I’ve since had. As with everything I share of TL— both the narrative story and outside of it alike— I will be sharing this with the hopes that it offers something useful to those who read it. Subscribe to my newsletter on the home page and the TL Facebook page to be notified if you are interested.

Also, if you’ve missed it here, I’ve moved all of the special sketches I posted during my hiatus to the TL Trivia Page, accessible from the TL Bonus Works page.

Lastly, for this page in particular, I wish to say— Where Sanji and Xizi are speaking with their cohort in brackets, they are speaking in Mandarin. This is seen earlier in this chapter, and in other places as well, via a completely different language altogether. (It has been a minute as they say, so out of courtesy to you all, just thought I’d give a reminder. 🙂 )