Deeply deeply based on a true story. I legitimately did win that contest… as in, like Hazel, I illegitimately won, (at least beating my two main teasers), and the person who is Padma in real life legitimately beat all of us in that contest.

***Quick note:
if you’ve missed the bonus sketches from last week, the TL trivia from the week prior, or my mini-special #TLIt’sOkaytoMakeMistakes on the TL Facebook page during the two-week maintenance FOR all of this, you can catch up on all of these things via the Bonus TL Works page, where I have placed links to all.

Which, from here on out, everyone? The Bonus TL Works page alone is what I’m going to refer to, no more than this, once I do move any bonus material I post. I’m kind of tired of taking the extra work to point out individual links within the greater link that is what I made to hold it all in the first place! And… the reason I am expressing this thing I’ve realized for myself now, is to equally help others.

For those of you who may also feel that you have to point out each and every little detail for others in case they miss things you do— I’m learning that, with minimal exception, once you’ve clearly and publicly shared what you’ve got the first time, people who are genuinely invested in what you have will endeavor to look further on their own… even if it takes time for them to do it on their own terms.

Again: with rare, precious, LITTLE exception, you and I do not have to say any more. ******