Here is some trivia:

As I was drawing this page, connecting beyond merely to the emotions Hazel (i.e. myself) feels in this moment— I found myself twice as able to capture Wu’s expression and feelings.

On the very same day just before I had started the pencils for this page, I had spoken with a another friend in a different setting. They were clearly, clearly in distress right in front of me: eyebrows creased in worry, pain and stress resonating throughout… and yet, perhaps for the setting, for how comfortable they felt in FULLY expressing their worry, or both … I saw how they *held* their stress in.

…I originally wasn’t going to share this with you all— thinking it a detail I didn’t have the ‘right’ to categorize in another outside of myself. But then, for the factor that I observed equally ANOTHER friend in this exact same position soon AFTER finishing this page as well, with all the exact same tell-tale signs in their distress-yet-*holding* state… I felt this necessary to express.