Here is some trivia:

In the particular moment when I was drawing Azalea’s expression here, I was twice as able to connect to her feelings in real time. I had turned my computer on, (i.e. where I color, upload, and save my completed TL pages, just as ONE portion of what I do there) and it said that its system would not start… it wasn’t going to the desktop.

In that moment, I feared that I’d lost everything: my TL files— my pages, my videos, my sketches, my notes… everything. Everything further that I have to give to the world as I continue this; everything I hadn’t previously backed up, which as it is, amounts to years of work now. My computer offered the option to reboot itself, and so while waiting for it do so, I completed the pencils for this page. It was with extra-concentrated awareness of how the terror and worry in her eyes should look, that I drew Azalea’s own similar state.