Author’s note that I feel important to share here:

Completing this page was very, very difficult for me to do— not directly because of the physical nature of drawing each scene here; nor how much time this took, nor even entirely because of the emotional tax upon me to connect to every single moment happening to everyone as I penciled, cleaned, colored, lettered, and beheld the finished project.

Ultimately, completing this page was hardest for me where I reflected that after all, every living being depicted on this page is, in essence, a real living being off this page, and that all of this pain translates to something really happening. (i.e. This is why for example, “author-itatively” speaking, I show the detail of the victim’s arms being shattered in full here— no silhouette that would otherwise describe what Prachi and her cohorts would sense, being near to this… no censoring. It’s something Azalea herself doesn’t get the ability to look away from, any more than the victim gets to block out experiencing it on their own arms. And indeed, any more than the captain doesn’t see too.)

Recognizing all of this: coming to recognize it, in fact; I purposefully shut out ALL external input while completing this page. (While normally, I might have had music on in the background, podcasts, etc.) I realized that the best way for me to honor the fullest reality of this page was to, as much as humanly possible, be very, very, very *with* it. Not detached.