Special Author’s Note:

…Especially if my former flatmates should read this. The real life dream *I* had had of my to-be flatmates, back before moving into our shared student flat, did NOT tell me we’d not be friend-friends. Instead, it showed me what to understand the theme of our relationships would be, before I met them each.

However, because Hazel’s setting IS altered from mine, in THIS world, the people who were my flatmates are instead people Azalea meets on Side B… and the people who have traded places to be Hazel’s flatmates, are people I met that, despite being friendly enough in acquaintance… I never did become friend-friends with, nor have any stronger interactions than what I will show in the story.

Why, as Yasmine the author, do I do this? Because, AS circumstances are slightly altered for Hazel such that they are greater-translations of mine, and not carbon copies…
It is, exactly as she puts it, that much less for her to worry about. After all— what also happens for Hazel, that never happened PRECISELY for me, is |he who is Kaito| riding through portals on |he who is Farley|, a dog that eventually grows from being the size of a small pony to the size of an average elephant, right in front of my face across the street, and then disappearing. Instead, a much more understated translation of this happened for me. (See here if you need a reminder. As for the ORANGES Hazel sees between herself and Kaito, on the other hand… well, I can’t spoil everything for you in my explanations here. 😉 )

And so why do I, as Yasmine the human, pronounce this? Because I never want you, my former flatmate friends… to think that I ever thought less of what we in fact, were in the time that we were it.

And yes, you DO show up in the story— to offer different translations of the exact same thing.