Author’s trivia:
True to life fact here— the ability to sense what someone wants, without speaking to them, without hearing them… without any physical cue at all— just feeling it within… is a real life ability. Not solely one Azalea possesses, and not even solely one |Azalea in real life| possesses, but in fact, one many of us out there possess.

Why do I share this? Because this is for those of you reading who may really appreciate me naming what you experience too. Especially as I tell this story, whereby given that I half-“lie to tell the truth,” as they say with art… this is one of those truths that I feel desperately needs to be just said outright by my real life self, as much as my authorial self. NO half-lie necessary, TO acknowledge you. I literally don’t know where else you’ll hear this in ‘normal’ spaces like an online comic.

I myself don’t hold this ability. Unlike, for example, the clairvoyant dreams I occasionally have, (see Hazel on the other side here,) feeling others’ unspoken desires has never been something I could access. I’m MUCH more of a body-language reader, if anything. BUT… I’ve observed others feel people’s desires in front of me MULTIPLE times. And so, yeah. This one’s for you.