It’s officially been over a month since she first got a taste, and indeed, Hazel still hates baked beans. However, it seems she’s found a valid use for them just the same.


November 19th, 2022—->SPECIAL NOTE!!!!! As a Super Reminder, this is the last Insight (Number 4) of some of Hazel’s items currently “on display” in her room on this day, part of the **8-week GTKY project in progression right now. (For more info, see this newsletter.)

**While originally I had intended this project to last for exactly 8 weeks– sharing the musical portion with you on December 3rd– TL is taking a mini-break this upcoming Saturday. This is both for U.S. Thanksgiving, and for yours truly to make a few key corrections in past pages so far. Pages 10A and 10B will continue next Saturday, Dec. 3, and the GTKY video portion will be released the following Saturday on Dec. 10th. Thanks for reading, watching, and receiving this story to its fullest, everybody. And if it applies to you, may you have a great rest. See you soon! 🙂 **