Super Reminder: this is the next installment of Kaito’s GTKY sketch-special giving a sneak peek of what he’s up to, as Azalea is finding her footing in these new grounds. Part of the 8-week GTKY project in progression right now!

For more info, see this newsletter— and for now, enjoy this next in-depth look at what precisely Kaito has written.

***Alas, he doesn’t exactly have the securest of places at this time to carefully store his work and materials away… so his parchment has accidentally gained a large crease down the middle. Here, as such, is a direct transcription:

“One day, there was a giant bolt of lightning, but no rain. The seasons had not yet changed… the sun was still its bright, clear red against a cloudless, clear sky. And yet, unmistakably, with a loud crack, lightning had opened right in the middle of the air, without a moment’s notice. Strange as this was, it had passed completely unseen. Except, someone did see. 

He gaped, for the lightning had not only struck just centimetres away from his face… it stayed there… curiously suspended, and widening. Wider… and wider. Perhaps, if he had had the space to think, he might have thought himself mad. But he walked up to the lightning in the middle of the air, on the cloudless rain-free day, closer and closer.

In it… INSIDE the lightning… (he couldn’t believe he was seeing this…) he saw someone… but she didn’t see him… 


…was all he could do to simply long for…


… her to turn around, but before… 


voice could reach her, the… 


lightning disappeared, him… [truncated]”