Hey all, a few important notes here:

  1. With the completion of this Mini Link, Chapter 7 begins next week!
  2. If you want to see just *how* Zirconia and Amber have their current snacks, here is a reminder.
  3. Please know, all, that for every single page, section, chapter, note and detail I give to you… there exists WORLDS of additional, unsaid information I want to reveal as well. However, I cannot unveil it all at this time— the story itself has to tell you first as we go.
  4. So, what I can give you for now, just as an aside… is this: I can attest from recently eating extra-garlicky meals myself,  that “Pbbbbffffffftttttttt!!!!” is exactly the accompanying-sound you can expect to hear as a result. (You usually don’t also have to expect copious amounts of blue ink squirting at your face along with it, however.)