**Hey all, this is a friendly reminder that regularly scheduled Torus Link updates are taking a break until October 30th, 2021, when Chapter 6 will continue. In the meantime, check back every Saturday for some very special content in my absence: GTKYs (“Get-to-know-you”s) of Hazel and Miguel, and close-up snapshots of some of the locations in the Low District of Society. Along with descriptions! ***

Fun (extra) facts!

-The similar blue-and-yellow shirt I found at a charity shop was sleeveless. I eventually realized that yellow-and-blue are in fact, NOT my colors, but not until after wearing the shirt for a bit just the same.

-For years, I have dreamed of seeing that sequence animated to the song “There’s a Fire” by OK Go. If someone’s ever willing to make it, I will be elated, as will (I imagine) both OK Go and the creators of the Bob-omb.

-“Suasage Mania,” i.e. the place where Hazel went ahead and got the sausage roll we see her nomming on, is first spotted in Chapter 3A… and has a reason behind its curious misspelling of “sausage.” Said reason has not yet been revealed.

-The song “WAVE” is a jam that I definitely bopped my head to in the studio, back in the day.