**Hey all, this is a friendly reminder that regularly scheduled Torus Link updates are taking a break until October 30th, 2021, when Chapter 6 will continue. In the meantime, check back every Saturday for some very special content in my absence: GTKYs (“Get-to-know-you”s) of Hazel and Miguel, and close-up snapshots of some of the locations in the Low District of Society. Along with descriptions! ***

Here’s a little tidbit on the kinds of works I did while at the Edinburgh College of Art— without spoiling anything TL-related, that is.

Like Hazel here, at the beginning of my time at ECA, I had the opportunity to join undergraduate live-sketching classes and sketch live nude models if I wanted to. My fellow illustration students and I were also given a few ‘drawing technique’ mini-assignments, such as rendering a still life with digital software  and drawing a landscape twice: first in color, and then black and white. (FYI: Hazel likes her black and white version of the Meadows better; I prefer my colored one.)

Also like Hazel, I equally had to spend a LOT of time thinking about what the subject of my personal thesis would be, alongside these other projects. I was focused on illustrating PERCEPTION, as different people’s perceptions of the same thing greatly intrigued me. Down the line in my studies, I tried to gear this towards food: for example, my concept based on how I thought the ‘lasagne’ I’d gotten at a local UK grocery store was NOTHING like the ‘lasagna’ I’d buy and eat back home in the States. (It just wasn’t to my taste, at the end of the day.)

While Hazel is equally just as focused on the concept of PERCEPTION herself, here, she realizes early on that she can’t really translate that by making her thesis be about food puns.