**Hey all, this is a friendly reminder that regularly scheduled Torus Link updates are taking a break until October 30th, 2021, when Chapter 6 will continue. In the meantime, check back every Saturday for some very special content in my absence: GTKYs (“Get-to-know-you”s) of Hazel and Miguel, and close-up snapshots of some of the locations in the Low District of Society. Along with descriptions! ***

This week, we start with page 1 of Hazel’s GTKY: the GTKYs themselves being my previously private art-journal mini-series devoting 4 pages of a closer look at each of the main TL cast! THAT I AM NOW SHARING WITH YOU ALL! (Without revealing spoilers, of course. 😉 )

This is a look at what precisely Hazel’s aura would look like, if seen through Azalea’s eyes at this time.

(Also, just fyi: I alluded to these GTKYs of mine a little earlier in my newsletter/blog, in case you missed it!)