**Hey all, this is a friendly reminder that regularly scheduled Torus Link updates are taking a break until October 30th, 2021, when Chapter 6 will continue. In the meantime, check back every Saturday for some very special content in my absence: GTKYs (“Get-to-know-you”s) of Hazel and Miguel, and close-up snapshots of some of the locations in the Low District of Society. Along with descriptions! ***

This week’s Low District snapshot (straight from my sketchbook!) features the alley in which Kaito falls through the portal at the end of Chapter 5B.

Though empty during off-hours, the alley is bustling with laundry workers during the day. Most recently, the laundry service proprietors have taken stock of their wood supply, as last they checked, one of the loose boards they left outside of the boiler room somehow became broken overnight.