***ATTENTION ALL!!!!!!! As of March 23rd, 2022, the TL Story Super Spread is officially complete and closed.

You can read my post-Super Story Spread reflections here: (also entry #16 on the TL newsletter/blog.)

If you wish to buy one of the currently-remaining copies of TL Volume 1 at standard price, you can do so at the TL Shop. ***

Hey all! Let me tell you a little story…

In August 2020, I received a miracle in the form of funding for 500 Torus Link Volume 1 books in print after 5 years of working and working on this all. It was amazing: a true gift of fan support in a MOST unconventional way (including getting so much support for a Kickstarter, failing it, and then being funded ANYWAY.) In September, I advertised pre-orders; by November, I received all 500 copies and began to mail those pre-orders out…

…And then I discovered the hard way how something as simple as mailing books internationally to customers is nearly impossible as an independent author. The state of total inequity around every single corner of printing, distributing, and just TRYING to share a story globally as well as locally, is so intrinsic in the way we operate— and absolutely antithetical to how art is even supposed to work and what it’s for— that I realized it’s still a struggle for any artist to just distribute anything they do. (And that’s not even counting how much harder a PANDEMIC makes it.)

And so, I’ve decided to take a risk and share what my book is worth, by choosing to GIVE it.

If you have a minimum of $3 USD that you can afford to give to me (via my Ko-fi/paypal), I will send you a book. I will even send you up to eight books, if you ask for it, ALL for just one donation to me of $3— so you can have and/or share my book with others who may not know it, or be able to afford it.

YUP. It’s just that simple.


Good question.

One copy of TL Volume 1 is worth $20 USD as its base price:
For me to ship one copy to anywhere in the United States, it costs an additional $4 USD.
For me to ship one copy to anywhere else in the REST OF THE WORLD, it costs a MINIMUM of an additional $24 USD, upwards to as much as $27 USD extra, depending on which country you live in.

And that is the absolute cheapest option there is available to mail. IN a pandemic, at that, where tons of people are losing their jobs!!!

The long and short of it is, there is no fair way to pay for any of this such that everyone can fairly buy a copy from me, I get my fair profit, and they don’t have to pay me more than twice the book itself. As such, even as I realize my book is worth FAR more than $3, I want to do what I can to lessen this disparity— I’m CHOOSING to give TL as the gift OF such value and worth, (if I may say so myself!) to people who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise.

“So how are you going to do this?”

I will be offering up to 400 of my remaining books to be acquired, shared, and spread by you, my readers. You can request anywhere from 1 to 8 copies from me from wherever you are in the world.

I will shoulder the costs of all shipping fees by using the last of the funds for TL Vol. 1’s print ($500 USD), given to me by my benefactor, and mark it as my gift to you, in thanks for your donation to me.
(***Why a gift to you? Why donation? Why up to the dollar worth of 8 books? So you don’t have to potentially pay taxes to your government either just to receive my book. Because yup, I learned the hard way THAT happens too, depending on which country you’re in! THIS IS MY GIFT TO YOU.)

The TL Super Story Spread Initiative ends either when I run out of books to give, or when the last of my $500 is spent. While the minimum donation I ask is just $3, you are free to donate as much as you like: any profit I DO make from this will ALL go towards me continuing to make Torus Link.

You can keep track of the numbers by looking at chibi Ren, Sanji, Zirconia, and Hazel here!

“Okay, so how do I donate and get books from you?”

1. Go to my ko-fi. Choose however many $3 cups of coffee you want to donate to me.
2. In the message section, tell me the following:

-Your email address
-That you want to be a part of the TL Super Story Spread Initiative
-How many books you want, up to eight
-Your Shipping Address

3. Make sure to mark your message as a private message to me so your info doesn’t get shared with the rest of the world!
4. Hit the donate button. I will email you with a confirmation within 24 hours, and send you a tracking number once I’ve mailed your book(s) out.

Go to my ko-fi by hitting this button!

“Any other things I should know?”

Honestly, that I am just a little bit afraid. I’m not going to lie. This sort of thing is just not often done, and I’m worried that somehow someone would try to like… do something corrupt. Or, I dunno… yell at me.

But at the same time, when I see how so much of just being okay in this world is often a matter of being lucky enough to be ahem, born well… I know that I’d rather take this risk than not, and see what happens.

So, going to see!