The following sites are more than just links to art you can see— they are links to my *Links*— gained through the years of Torus Link so far. In TL’s own growth and progression, every work and co-work below comes from those who have agreed to be there with me: to collaborate in projects wherein we show real life parallels; to endeavor to see for ourselves just where we connect; to showcase and celebrate one another’s stars— our stories, our comics, our music, our vlogs, our styles, our skills, our thoughts, and so much more… and in some cases, to purely offer support where one cannot make it in this world all alone. Indeed, to dare to *link* in a world that is disconnected.

As both Torus Link and I *link* with more and more, the links on this page will continue to grow.

Torus Link Shop (Click here to go to it.)

**Note: The Torus Link Shop currently sells two items at the time of this writing: printed and bound copies of Torus Link Vol. 1, and The TL Tarot Deck. The former literally would not exist without the support of *Links* of mine, and the latter… my answer to the loss of a very dear *Link*.

If you know these stories, I believe you will know why I have since made a pact with myself that I would no longer advertise TL goods with commerce as my first priority. No matter how controversial this is for a physical comic’s sake, TL’s not what it’s not.

May you connect with the story first. And then, if you’re willing and able, may my works that you buy bring you that much more in spades.

TL’s *Links*: Friends of Torus Link

***Note: Links to art sites below may contain potential sensitive content and mature themes suitable for older teens and up. Viewer’s discretion is advised.***