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Sajuca Art | illustration

Fancy Fatale (18+)

The Teacup Art | Avenue Art Co.

Brian LS Comics

Damsels Don’t Wear Glasses

The Silence Noise – Lake Tahoe Alternative Rock, Orchestral Rock, and Art (18+)

Digisam music

My Diverse Life Vlogs

Animus – Wild Magic | WEBTOON (

Tuyet Tran | Connecting hearts with words and art

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Fan Art — if you have any fanart that you wish to send me, email me an attachment jpeg @— I will be happy to share it with the world, both highlighted here on the TL homepage for a limited time, and on my Instagram for a LONG time.

Current Fanart Roster:

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Current Collaboration Spotlight: 2023 Annual Art Trade with Sajuca Art

This year’s art trade between my dear friend Sara Julia Campbell (@sajucaart) and myself features a crossover between Azalea and Mia(ow) of Sara’s upcoming illustrated novel, Howl & Meow. Check out more of the story behind our collab, as well as more from Howl & Meow, in the each of the links below… with a *link* of the two ladies enjoying peace in nature; as well as us artists each getting to have a little fun and beauty of our own despite some challenging times in the world.

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