Yasmine’s note:

Hello everyone— I mean this without exception: your financial help is how I continue to create and share Torus Link online for free. Everything I do and have done for TL, I’ve only been able to do with the help of family, friends, links— one way or the next, giving what they can to support me in the tangible, fiscal needs that TL has to have to exist in this world.

If you want to help me keep TL afloat by becoming one of its financial patrons, long-term, short-term, or even one single time, I give you my sincerest thanks. Thank you for helping me with the means I have to have so that I can keep making and giving TL back to you.

Here are the places you can give me financial support:

Another place you can give me financial support is via the TL shop:

All proceeds from any of the TL inventory you buy equally helps me continue to survive and keep making this story.

And in all cases, even if financial support is not possible for you, thank you for taking in the story as it is. If what I create with TL can help you, you can then help others too, and we can all link this world into becoming a better place… which is worth its weight in gold.