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Star Mantras– Centering in one’s base

ElementMantraGuiding Notes
Upright: If I let anger get to me, I can’t fix this mess.
Reversed: There’s a *me* this mess can’t beat.

Upright: The very first mantra created for the TL Tarot deck came from Fire’s essence and aligned with a personal decision of mine: “Even in my own anger at so many unjust things in this world, I MUST persist and prevail. I WANT to end this mess, and to take it on and fix it, it can’t also break me.”

Reversed: For as many doubts as I have ever had about so much of what I do, in particular for Torus Link…and as much sadness as I’ve faced throughout… I always sense an inner, uninfluenced part of me that just doesn’t deter. *This me* relentlessly pushes forward, and DOES what she knows needs to be; stands by what she knows is.

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Upright: I am not alone.
Reversed: I am not alone in my pain.

Upright: Even if we feel like we’re ALL alone in the world, we never are– we are always linked within. It’s reason to keep going and not despair. Even if I can’t see anyone around me in the moment, I trust in the fact that there’s a greater web.

Reversed: For however much we’re hurting because of something truly terrible and unfair, someone else out there is equally hurting for the same reason. I’ve found realizing this evokes a kind of care, empathy, and camaraderie: it’s a glue of its own kind to understand someone else is sharing my pain.

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Upright: I am strong.
Reversed: I am strong enough to help everyone when I know others can’t help me.

Upright: Where a key part of fixing this mess involves naming exactly what’s going on, doing so equally includes naming what *I* am in this: objectively strong. I’m strong to be striving to link despite oppression; to feel my pain; to see others’ pain; to press on in these circumstances. Sometimes just naming that legitimate reality is its own pillar.

Reversed: Given how few others currently recognize the merit of being with their pain, I realize the objective leverage I have in choosing to be with my own: greater emotional knowledge. It’s why more often than not, I have the capacity to solve problems for both others AND myself when smaller issues arise for me: I regularly handle burdens others may not yet know how to engage with.

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Upright: I don’t shame you, and so by law, I don’t shame myself.
Reversed: I see this mess, and so by law, there’s no shame against any attempt I make to end it.

Upright: When I know why, for example, you feel bitter because of injustice; you want to scream at another for the pain you’re in that they had a hand in, think of violence, even think of ending it all… and I have compassion for you, then if I’m not to contradict myself, I know I have compassion for myself when I feel/think the exact same way. We’re not bad for this. It IS understandable.

Reversed: For times when others WON’T see me, nor try to understand me or my actions at all such that some even shame me in non-understanding, I recognize those beliefs and accusations against me are false. That shame is false. Even when I make mistakes in my efforts, I deserve no shame: I know I am just trying to end this mess that *I* can see.

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Heart Mantras– Keeping heart within and with others

ElementMantraGuiding Notes
Upright: When you see clear through the mud’s presence, you help everyone by using your sight, and not the same ways of looking that put the mud there in the first place.
Reversed: When you unveil a core truth by going your way versus others’, you prove you’re right, so keep going.

Upright: I find this mantra most helpful when I feel self-doubt in response to others pushing down my [often intuitive] awareness. Usually I am standing true. And so, it is worth a shot at speaking up about what I see for whoever I can help with my words. This is the marker: if I can see others in pain and/or causing harm with what’s “supposed to be correct,” then it’s just not correct, no matter what any reigning authority says about it.

Reversed: I find this mantra most helpful for when I feel self-doubt about pursuing my own way for me. When I seek to act with respect for feelings, the *links* I see, my *star*, etc., I may feel doubt because of so many other loud external voices telling that me don’t know what I’m doing. [An unfortunate reality in this mess.] When I do what’s mine anyway and I SEE progress in front of me as a result, it shows I am correct, and others aren’t— reminding me to keep trusting my intuition.

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Upright: When we’re all *linked*, we can still give towards the truth, even in sorrow.
Reversed: Even in past sorrow, whatever *linked* us and gave to the truth then, still stands as a fact.

Upright: As a personal example of this mantra, someone who has hurt me deeply has also told me my story is the most important priority. They haven’t been wrong.

Reversed: As a personal example of this mantra, there are people who’ve helped me with dialogue in portions of Volume 1 that I don’t talk to today. Though I’m sad for this, it doesn’t change that the gift they gave me was, and still is, a gift.

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Upright: Sometimes responding to the reality of how off things are means responsibly checking out, until you can get back in for others.
Reversed: When others are irrational, the same rules of interaction don’t apply. Responsibly masking (and/or putting up boundaries) can keep you intact without losing them.

Upright: I have found this mantra to help most when I believe I’m obliged to do everything for everybody: yes, this mess can only be fixed by those willing to give in the face of pain. But equally, this mess is FAR too much for one person alone to take it ALL on, let alone ALL the time, in all the ways. Responsibly checking out means knowing when to go ahead and retreat from everything and everyone to recharge myself. It’s not the same as running away and giving up, so long as I get back in when I’m ready and willing.

Reversed: I have found this mantra to be most helpful whenever I believe in the adage, “Be honest and true to yourself, and stand up for what’s right,” without looking at another’s state of mind. When I see others contradicting themselves without realizing they are; not listening to a word I say for what they are focused on, etc., they are not in their logical minds to hear me properly at all. I’m not in a fight for myself, my integrity, or truth itself at that stage; I’m assessing how best I can abide a person who is essentially ill. And sometimes, that can mean answering the only thing they’re focused on, or else respectfully asserting what I will not talk about.

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Upright: Detaching from others’ falsehoods has nothing to do with accepting their truths, which equally has nothing to do with respecting them.
Reversed: There’s no disrespect in walking away from everybody’s falsehoods when you’ve got to. At times, it can be the only way to stay dedicated to reality.

Upright: Considering we’re all influenced to some degree by a false, reigning narrative on how life should be– AND *linked* at the same time– this means we’re all going to possess some mix of truths and falsehoods. I have found it’s possible to intentionally listen to a person to HEAR what truths they have to tell me, while neither shutting them down with disrespect, nor taking in the falsehoods they believe as well.

Reversed: Given that we are all in a MESS because of influences from a false, reigning narrative on how life should be, sometimes others will offer things that are solely false. I have found that when this is the case, I won’t gain anything by sticking around to hear them: it’s okay to respectfully disengage completely.

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Circle Mantras– Establishing space to walk on

ElementMantraGuiding Notes
Upright: Take *your star’s* time. Lesser demands can fit in smaller time-blocks than you think.
Reversed: If it *feels* right within, you’ve got time for it, no matter how illogical it might seem.

Upright: Where I choose to stay connected to others– even when, in blocking their own feelings and pain, they may equally shut my things out– I use this mantra to remind myself that *my star* HAS a place. I can put working on it as my priority, between others’ needs/other things, even as it may require me to fit chunks in at a time.

Reversed: Knowing that we’re all *linked* in a greater fabric means it’s possible to intuitively *know* what needs to be done. Even if the world at large promotes worrying: i.e., “I have no time for this: I must stay on schedule,” or, “They’ll be mad if I don’t do X, Y, or Z for them here and now…” or, “This doesn’t make sense, It’s not what I’m SUPPOSED to do…” I use this mantra to remind me that what I *truly feel* is what I’m supposed to do.

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Upright: I give a damn “an almond” to others, and that’s its own progressive grace. Then, I keep trekking with what I know will really fill the pot in time.
Reversed: If others give me their love, i.e. their “almonds”, I take it with grace, as it paves the road for me to keep persevering.

Upright: Sometimes there is only so much I can do for others— because of my limited reserves and/or their receptivity— despite the fact that I wish I could do more. When this is the case, I remember that if I successfully do one small thing to help another: e.g. just listening to them or giving verbal encouragement, that’s its own measure of making the world a little bit better. One little almond into the pot for that person is still helpful, as I carry on to give the BUSHELS of almonds I’ve got to those who are receptive: i.e. my *star*.

Reversed: Sometimes people I love and care about will do things that create difficulty for me. Given this, when I see they do things that create ease for me– even if it’s small, it’s all they can give, and I know it— I let it remind me of their genuine love for me. That’s what keeps my mission from being legitimately unbearable.

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Upright: Sometimes it’s okay to say what I see is hard, and what I honestly feel about it. Used responsibly, it can give me the compassion I need first, in order to unlock ways to better it next.
Reversed: Sometimes it’s necessary to let go and bear the hard things, in order to better recognize the deeper pain others are in– just the same as me.

Upright: With this mantra, I am particularly careful to draw a line of caution: if I think of my pain to the point where I am despairing, enraged, or otherwise bleak, then I have to remind myself “not to let anger get to me, or I can’t fix this mess.” If I temper responsibly, however, with choosing to name my problems and pain so I can figure out how to then better them, this becomes empathy for me. (And truly does lend to me accessing my resilience, problem-solving, endurance, etc.)

Reversed: With this mantra, I’ve seen there is a larger scale of altruism that has to have its place here, considering we are all *linked*. In other words, sometimes our own house has to fall cruelly down in the winds, in order for us to then recognize that the whole city has been without adequate housing for years. Although it is unfortunately a painful mode to have to learn from (from outside of my control, at that), I’ve found that if seen from a higher scope, there is some peace and meaningfulness this way, versus powerlessness.

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Upright: Make peace with and stay out of the spaces you know aren’t biddable by you. Focus on and pool for the spaces that are.
Reverse: Recognize and stay out of others’ battles you know are false, because pooling for what you know is true will landscape real change.

Upright: Here, I like to think of ‘pool’ to be synonymous with ‘poole,‘ as in the Farsi term for ‘money’ (پول)– because in this case, it reflects the value of what I have to give and the progress I want to increase. No matter how much value I may have, I’ve learned that not everyone at every time is receptive to all of the value I have to make things better. In this case, I strive to adapt, feel for the parallels that tell me what people will be receptive to at that moment, and try to generate progress there. It may be a different sphere altogether, and that’s okay.

Reversed: To say it plainly, I see that sometimes people– in their choice not to self-reflect — will end up as a consequence fighting battles that are not even authentically what they’re really upset about. Yet because they’ve shown me they’re not willing to see the underlying cause in themselves, I personally will NOT get them to see this, no matter how much grief I might feel about it. If *I* have enough insight to be aware of this and stay as far out of it as I can, I save my inner resources for what I know will make a difference– in a space I can actually access, that’s also legitimate.

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Square Mantras– Bearing through

ElementMantraGuiding Notes
Upright: Every step I make towards elevating my *star’s* truth builds muscle in me to own its worth.
Reversed: Every step I make towards elevating my *star’s* truth breaks further down the
lies told against it.

***Special note applying to both mantras: Where many have said to me diminishing words against my work; discounting or ignoring it without genuinely listening to it, or they have otherwise projected their biases and inner unresolved pain onto my work, it’s a fact that I’ve believed their projections. A lot. A LOT. Here, It doesn’t matter that there’s a *me* that this mess can’t beat; it hurts no matter what, in its own status against respecting me as a person.

Upright: Every effort I make to keep singing what my *star* is progressively strengthens me to know my *star* within, DESPITE others’ projections, blockage, etc.

Reversed: Every effort I make to keep singing what my *star* is diminishes the ability for false projections to enter in at all: believed by both others AND myself alike.

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Upright: No matter the pain and how much I hate it, I hold on, because I remember I love [you.]
Reversed: No matter [your] harm, I refrain from returning the same because it just answers with more of what I know I want gone.

***Special note applying to both mantras: “[You]” equals anyone in my life, personal or impersonal because we’re all *linked*… who, in inconsideration, bias, etc., does a thing that I see ultimately harms. It could harm me, someone else, themselves, or the world in this case.

Upright: When another causes harm, I don’t lose my awareness that we are *linked*, as I strive to let it temper my response to them.

Reversed: When another causes harm, then even if it’s the ONLY progressive thing I can bring myself to do in the moment, I can choose to actively NOT lash back. Even holding my tongue so I don’t put more of the same pain in the world is its own progressive act.

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Upright: No amount of anger kept in check has to BLOCK when others’ responses [to tragic death] have been INSANE. Keep your walls up, and remember why it makes sense to.
Reversed: Keeping your calm and noting what’s true within your walls FIRST, is for then bridging what’s NOT insane to others.

***Special note applying to both mantras: In my own prime, personal example, this is for how too many people’s responses to my loss of Justine were downright detached from life, i.e. sickness. They’ve included, “Let’s hurry and not talk about this further,” “Well we all gotta go sometime,” “Are you making money? Oh yeah, your friend died,” and “I’m focused on my problems.” As a secondary example, I’ve seen this unfortunately apply to other forms of trauma as well— any that could fit in the upright brackets’ place.

Upright: Given that these mantras start with NOT letting anger get to me so that I can fix this mess… this mantra reminds me that there is no wrath involved in holding barriers against sickness. If others show me sickness in the face of very real pain that I need tended to, I can respectfully walk away, tend to myself, and not share a thing with those others at that moment… and when possible, seek others who can be with my pain on my behalf.

Reversed: Once I’ve found my anchor of sanity away from that source of sickness, I can then access what is a healthy to response to those same tragedies. Then, I can give this healthier response to others who may need support for the same reasons.

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Upright: Because I see this is huge, complex, and ancient as a problem, I learn and let the strategy to fix it come to me in steps.
Reversed: Because I see this problem’s ancientness, I know to break form from standard ideas: only the new can change what’s old.

***Special note applying to both mantras: I see three truths apply to each of these mantras. The first is that historically, people worldwide have blocked pain, things associated with femininity, and dealing with death in healthy ways for many, many years. The second truth, sad as it is, must be realistically observed: my friend Justine’s death is by no means the first suicide in the world, nor the last, nor the sole tragic death occurring in the world. The third truth is that these deaths have long continued, without any established narrative so far ever bringing them to an end.

Upright: Where I know that I have inevitably been influenced by centuries of a broken narrative still continuing, I logically have to unlearn much of what I’ve come from. Then, I can learn anew what works, one step at a time. Because of this, with this mantra, I accept the time this takes.

Reversed: Where I logically know that the old, established ways cannot actually be viable, (because many more would not continue to die like this if they were), I strive to see how I can do things anew in nearly all cases. Case in point: learning to see both sides of a story, instead of just one.

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Triangle Mantras– Elevating perceptions

ElementMantraGuiding Notes
Upright: When I know *links* are showing me an oar, I can make peace with them not showing me a speedboat.
Reversed: When *links* show me I know what others don’t know and won’t hear, it’s an oar for me to keep rowing with my things, if not a speedboat for them.

Upright: *Links* show connections, parallels, and keys for what a person is open to. When I scan for the links’ presence, they show me how to progress things towards a better place based on where we connect. Yet sometimes, the links don’t show me HUGE things— i.e. the metaphorical speedboat speeding on the river as I wish it could be. Though it can frustrate me at first, I recognize if it’s a link, that means it’s getting me there. After all, what’s an *oar* in my book can actually be a *speedboat* for another side I don’t yet know.

Reversed: When the *links* I see occur right in front of me, yet I observe that others around me just aren’t receptive to hearing and/or seeing the same themselves, I can take it in as a link for my *star’s* needs. I may feel sad that it can’t help others, but after all, if it’s a link, then so long as it is helping someone— including me— it is progress.

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Upright: Because of the *links* between us, I understand that even my smallest choices to give, despite the pain, make a difference.
Reversed: Because of the *links* between us, I understand that when I let them have their place, time is an ally.

Upright: The parallels that tie us all are present: simply put, they happen. As such, they prove why, if my actions ARE “the smallest choices”, they MATTER. Every little thing I do to give can make a difference in connection to someone else down the line.

Reversed: Because I know these parallels are present, time itself can work with me to provide me the right parallels at the right moments. It is not always easy to trust, but when I let go, a greater fabric I can’t *see* appears.

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Upright: Remember: there’s a good reason you’re [missing sleep at nights.] Be kind to yourself about it– acknowledge it if others don’t; take it easy, laugh at jokes, whatever you can fit.
Reversed: Remember: you deserve compassion when you falter– it’s currently the only space that acknowledges your fullest trauma. Just get back up too: for love, truth, and peace.

Upright: If you are here, you likely know that right now, empathy from others is in short supply for the things that make this mess. Thus, you probably bear the same that I do: consequences of this status that just are not your fault, such as missing sleep, or whatever else best fits in those brackets. With this mantra, I acknowledge the reality that is not often granted to me: why I’m not feeling my best! And so I can take time to tend to my injuries, via whatever mode of self-care I can fit.

Reversed: With this mantra, I establish that after all, I’m in this to fix this mess. Chances are high that if you’re here, you equally want to fix this mess too: NOT keep the same sorrow around— and to find a different way to change it than violence, or checking out altogether. Such as it is that this is my compassionate reminder: when I personally “falter,” i.e. think negative thoughts, think of giving it all up, curse the people who’ve hurt me, forget my *star,* etc., I have fair reasons for it: I don’t have to be perfect. I just need to get back on track, and continue to persist.

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Upright: The smaller cogs inside the machine are not the truth when the machine itself shooting lasers at you is.
Reversed: Past lasers are not the truth when you remember where we are right now: running away from today’s lasers.

Upright: Looking at the greater patterns between the world’s problems, on both a grand scale and a personal level, affirms that this mess has a common root. When I recognize this, I recognize which individual gripes NOT to let get to my psyche, even as yes, they may count as problems. I don’t need to expend unnecessary frustration, sorrow, and despair over smaller issues, when I understand the bigger issues automatically encompass those smaller ones.

Reversed: Looking at where we all are today, i.e. still pain, still sadness, and still undue loss all around the world, affirms why past sadness doesn’t functionally matter today. I personally apply this mantra to when I replay events where I wish I’d said or done things differently with others, and vice-versa— what does it matter, for example, that a friend never returned a book to me years ago, when now half the world’s dying from a deadly disease?

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Diamond Mantras– Choice and ability

ElementMantraGuiding Notes
Upright: I realize my power in expressing myself in whatever spaces I have, where I KNOW depravity surrounds me. (As I keep hope in what will break the chain.)
Reversed: Although others’ obscenities can get in the way, my power IS, by virtue that I’m choosing to link at all. (As I see that’s what can break the chain.)

Upright: Making my *star* is the power to end this mess. Where resources may be slim to do it (e.g. time, money, communal support en large), expressing it however I can THROUGH the pain of the world’s noise, up to outright violence around me at times, is understanding what I’m moving forward. This is so even when it only can look small where I currently stand; because as more people *link* to what I’m doing, what starts small can grow bigger.

Reversed: Where there certainly are facets of this mess ALL around, and they can do everything from discourage me to outright obstruct my path, (such that I have to begrudgingly work to move them,) I stand strongest, and it’s my power to KNOW it, because I am choosing to actively *link.* Nothing can stop me from continuing to strive to link with others, after all.

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Upright: I’m here to give. It is my choice, in pain and suffering.
Reversed: It’s my choice to be with and learn about others’ pain and suffering, in order to know what needs to be given in the first place.

Upright: LOVE! That’s essentially this mantra for me: when I need to recapture my internal compass because anger has gotten to me, I recall that I love. That’s why I’m bearing through it all, pushing what I can as I can, to give right here in this mess.

Reverse: My love for others steels me within, so that I can reside with them: listen to what’s authentically alive in them, and really understand what’s hurting them. I don’t always immediately know, so my choice to learn from others at their pace is an act of progress indeed.

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Upright: Fending off my worries and wounds– my projections of the future, my rehashes of the past, and anything else that’s a “distractor”, not a factor— keeps me strong.
Reversed: Grounding is choosing the moment I want to be in, no matter what moments I could be in.

Upright: Taking a moment to step ‘outside,’ and mentally look at my conscious thoughts about my problems, lets me know if they really factor in to what I’m doing at that moment. If I see they do, then it’s practical to focus on them, however painful. But if I see they don’t, then they are only
distractions, and I recognize they don’t have to take up my mental space. Recognizing and choosing to fend such thoughts off enables me to make progress with my actions right now.

Reversed: It’s tough, but as long as this same mess exists, intrusive thoughts, triggers, PTSD, etc., will unfortunately exist too. I recognize that when I’m hit by an onslaught of these moments in my mind, yes, they are valid, possible moments of pain to be in: it’s the reality of the mess. When this happens, however, there is an aid I can draw on: as the here, the now, and my drive and goals in what I’m doing in the here-and-now are just as present as those moments, I can also choose them amongst the other triggers.

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Upright: To push, I must drive; if I’m going to drive safely and focus, I must acquit all smaller bumps in the road.
Reversed: If I’m driving near the edge of a cliff, safely navigating removes me from everything
until I’m on safer grounds.

Upright: When I say or do clumsy things, I look at it as though I am behind the wheel of a car, driving. If my mistakes have consequences that affect others, such as accidentally knocking down a traffic cone while backing up, then yes, I can go and pick the cone back up; make amends for the obstruction I’ve created. But if my mistake is small to the point where it has no lasting effect on anyone; then even if it’s not my most graceful moment, it’s fine to choose to acquit myself and keep on for the greater need. After all: no one really cares if you park slanted in a space where there are a TON of other empty spaces. But everyone cares if you abruptly stop driving right in the middle of the road because you’re ashamed you made a mistake!

Reversed: If I’m doing something that has HIGHEST priority, which can literally include driving by a cliff as an example, or otherwise similar, extremely crucial tasks, (everything from needing to pee, to making sure the house doesn’t burn down as I cook, to dealing with painful, emotional triggers) it’s not only permitted for me to choose to put other things second: it’s my responsibility to do so until I am in a safer space where I can tend to lesser priorities. PERIOD!

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