Print Your Own Deck

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If you cannot afford to purchase an official TL Tarot deck, below are PDF files of the TL Tarot that you can download, print, cut out, and use for free.

—> Helpful note: I recommend printing the PDF file on card stock paper, accessible in most stores (if you have access to your own printer) and copy shops (if you do not).

If you can’t afford the full price of an official deck, but also still want to support me financially so I can afford to continue spreading TL, you can do so on the Support TL page. I thank you if you do, as any amount you give helps to sustain me.

If you can’t afford either, no worries. This is my gift to you in all cases, and if it helps you like it has helped me, then I truly am doing my job.

US letter size 8×11″ (click here to download PDF)
A4 Standard International size (click here to download PDF)