The Torus Link Tarot was originally created, in the wake of a dear friend’s tragic death, as an answer for needed *space*:

Space to grieve, space to process, space to heal, and space to persist…

…where this space ultimately was not granted to me otherwise, due to the mess and imbalance currently in the world.

Where the memory and fullest story of my dear friend will one day appear in TL’s pages to come, the cards that have been created in her wake tell more of the Elements’ true story, as well as offer guiding mantras, in order to act as an aid for all those who may equally need the same *space* for similar reasons.

In the best of times, may the need for this deck one day become obsolete.

Until that day, may the use of this deck be an aid for you too as you may need it, and may you find more to see in the greater glimpses of the Elements’ past as well.

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